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What are the iPad Actual pixels for landscape and portrait for >iOS5 version?

I have some of the older version info.

1024 × 690 (2048 x 1380) In landscape on iOS 4.3 1024 × 672 (2048 x 1344) In landscape on iOS 5 768 × 946 (1536 x 1892) In portrait on iOS 4.3 768 × 928 (1536 x 1856) In portrait on iOS 5

We needs this for our responsive background image display where we are creating different image size based on this info.

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You mean in the web browser? An app can control every pixel on screen. –  StilesCrisis Jan 10 at 1:54
Please give more information on what you're trying to accomplish. Your intent is unclear. –  Milo Jan 10 at 2:15
The iPad's resolution has nothing to do with the version of iOS. –  rmaddy Jan 10 at 2:33
check this gist.github.com/kpeatt/5154680 it does not have dimensions for the newer ios versions thats what i need –  John Jan 10 at 16:22

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