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Does anybody have to share a file for extern definitions for dojo and dgrid ?

I am trying to include those in my clojurescript project and to use even 'simple' clsure compiler optimization option.

At the moment I have found dgrid and dojo toolkit incompatible with Clojurescript compilation process. In other words it is not possible to a) include dojo or dgrid with :foreign-libs option and then leverage the closure compiler to create a 'minified release using closure compiler :advanced or even :simple option

b) it is also not possible to include the dojo or dgrid libraries with :extern option because for that one has to create a list of extern definitions (which does not come in dojo/dgrid releases).

I am pretty sure option ( a ) is a dead-end, because for it to work dojo team needs to make changes to the toolkit, and it is probably low priority. I have read Stephen Chung's 50+ pages document of how to modify dojo to work with google-closure, but it is well beyond my capabilities to re-implement for Dojo 1.9 and above.

I am thinking ( b ) might eventually work, but for that I need to find the externs library. Hoping somebody has done it for dojo 1.9 and the latest dgrid.

Prior to posting here I had checked the repository of currently available 'externs' for the closure compiler,and dojo is not there https://code.google.com/p/closure-compiler/source/browse/#git%2Fcontrib%2Fexterns

I had also found a online extractor of externs http://www.dotnetwise.com/Code/Externs/index.html

and http://www.dotkam.com/2013/07/15/clojurescript-use-any-javascript-library/

However, I am not even sure what dgrid/dojo files to do this for.

Therefore looking if anybody has created these externs already.

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You can use their own source file as the externs definition. Obviously this means that the compiler can't optimize the library, but if as you say, you don't need that, it's a good working option.

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