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I want to make a figure which have reversed y-axis and x-axis at y=0. y axis was reversed with scale_y_reverse, but x-axis stayed at the bottom.

p <- ggplot(df, aes(x= conc, y=depth, group=factor(stn), color=factor(stn)))+
scale_y_reverse(limits=(c(20,0)), expand=c(0,0))+   

I tried the code from this post like in below, but didn't work.

p + 
scale_x_continuous(guide = guide_axis(position = "top")) + 
scale_y_continuous(guide = guide_axis(position = "right"))

I don't need to have two x-axis, simply just move from bottom to the top.

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The feature request for this is still open. I don't think it has been implemented yet. That means you would have to muck around on the grid level. –  Roland Jan 10 at 8:43
If it's a one-off, you could consider saving the plot as a vector/PDF and then moving the axis in vector drawing software (e.g. Inkscape). –  Alexander Vos de Wael Jan 10 at 19:18
Thanks for suggestions, I hope they'll implement this soon. Tentatively I started editing on Inkscape. –  Megumi Jan 23 at 17:31

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