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I try to make program in macro-excel that show chart of dec 2012- curent month data.

I want X-axis is the month, but only in january, the axis n the legend switched.

My code:

Public Sub pi()

    Dim bulan1
    Dim bulan2
    Dim kpi As Worksheet
    Dim data As Worksheet
    Dim a As Integer
    Dim x As Integer
    Dim xaxis As Axis

    Set kpi = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("KPI chart")
    Set data = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("data")

    bulan1 = Month(Now)

    For a = 2 To 14
        bulan2 = Month(Cells(54, a).Value)

        If bulan2 = bulan1 Then 

        End If

    kpi.ChartObjects("Chart 16").Activate
    ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Range(data.Cells(54, 1), data.Cells(57, a))

End Sub

Picture : http://melegenda.tumblr.com/image/72825632452

I think I missed something? (I use excel 2007)

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This SO question may help you. –  PatricK Jan 10 at 6:27
that helps. but not for this question :) –  Alfa Bachtiar Jan 13 at 6:27
a will always be 15 after the for loop, you need exit conditions Exit For in the If block. –  PatricK Jan 15 at 0:15
ow. i missed that! thx! –  Alfa Bachtiar Jan 16 at 6:31

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I don't know what is this, but it works. ahhaha just add ActiveChart.PlotBy = xlRows before end sub

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