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I am playing with Python Tornado and have what should be a very basic question.

As I understand the code snippet below invoking either localhost:3000 or localhost:3000/register should direct me to register.html but for whatever reason localhost:3000 successfully takes me to the page where localhost:3000/register produces a 404. What subtlety am I overlooking?


class RegisterHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):

def post(self):


app = tornado.web.Application(
        (r'/',         RegisterHandler),
        (r'/register', RegisterHandler),
logging.info("app started, visit http://localhost:%s" % options.port)
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I just tried your code on my machine with the latest Tornado and it works as you expect.

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This means my problems lie elsewhere. This was helpful. –  Elsporko Jan 10 '14 at 13:05
For future people I want to just say that this was complete and total PEBCAK error. The code I thought I was running was out of sync with my templates. –  Elsporko Jan 13 '14 at 4:21

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