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I am trying to strip and replace a text string that looks as follows in the most elegant way possible:

element {"item"} {text { 
          } {$i/child::itemno} 

To look like:

<item> {$i/child::itemno} 

Hence removing the element text substituting its braces and removing text and its accompanying braces.

I believe the appropriate regex to do this is:


but I am unsure as to the number of backslashes to use in java and also how to complete the final substitution which makes use of my group(1) and replaces it with < at its start and > at its end:

So far I have this (although perhaps I might be better off with a full rewrite ?)

 Pattern p = Pattern.compile("/element\\s*\\{\"([^\"]+)\"\\}\\s*{text\\s*{\\s*}\\s*({[^}]*})/ "); 
             // Split input with the pattern 
        Matcher m = p.matcher("element {\"item\"} {text {\n" + 
                "          } {$i/child::itemno} text { \n" + 
                "            } {$i/child::description} text {\n" + 
                "            } element {\"high_bid\"} {{max($b/child::bid)}}  text {\n" + 
                "        }}  "); 

// Next for each instance of group 1, replace it with < > at the start

I think I've stumbled across a problem. What I am trying to do is somewhat harder than I previously stated. With the solution I have below:

element {"item"} {text { } {$i/child::itemno} text { } {$i/child::description} text { } element {"high_bid"} {{max($b/child::bid)}} text { }}

<item> {$i/child::itemno} text { } {$i/child::description} text { } element {"high_bid"} {{max($b/child::bid)}} text { }}

When I expected:

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This is going to be very, very painful. – danben Jan 20 '10 at 17:46
It doesn't have to be :P I've probably over convoluted the question – Pablo Jan 20 '10 at 17:52
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  1. Java regex-es are written without delimiters. So loose the forward slashes;
  2. every single backslash needs one extra, so \s becomes \\s;
  3. all { need to be escaped: \\{, and } need no escape (although it doesn't hurt if you do escape them).


String text = "element {\"item\"} {text { } {$i/child::itemno}";
System.out.println(text.replaceAll("element\\s*\\{\"([^\"]+)\"}\\s*\\{text\\s*\\{\\s*}\\s*(\\{[^}]*})", "<$1> $2"));


<item> {$i/child::itemno} 
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Thanks ! that works a treat (and relatively painless I think !) – Pablo Jan 20 '10 at 19:33
You're welcome. The painfulness depends on how proficient you are with regex. Someone unfamiliar with regex is likely to disagree with you. :) – Bart Kiers Jan 20 '10 at 19:40

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