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cabal sandbox init
cabal install haskeline
... installs successfully ...

Prelude> :module +System.Console.Haskeline

<no location info>:
    Could not find module `System.Console.Haskeline'

ghc-pkg list haskeline
.. not found ..

What do I have to do get haskeline to work with cabal sandbox? If I install haskeline normally (no sandbox) it is fine (ghc-pkg list haskeline -- found it).

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Either use cabal repl like Joseph mentioned or you can explicitly pass the package db to the GHCi shell relative to your current working directory.

ghci -no-user-package-db -package-db .cabal-sandbox/*-packages.conf.d YourModule.hs

It's recommended that you just use cabal.

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In order to get ghci to use a local sandbox you must (a) set up a my-project.cabal file and (b) use cabal repl.

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