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I made this jsfiddle to demonstrate what I am meaning, but unfortunately JSfiddle itself doesn't seem to work with IE8 so you need to test this jsfiddle code in a stand alone page: http://jsfiddle.net/4Bdbn/

With IE8 the above ON events does not fire, absolutely nothing happens. even adding an alert("hi") to the function does nothing; it doesn't get called, plus no errors are reporting in the console.

On a side note, is e.preventDefault() necessary to prevent a function being executed multiple times when you have multiple events triggering the same function, such as .on("touchstart click",....? In all situations?

jQuery version 1.8.3 so I believe IE8 is a supported browser.

ps. Im using IE10 in Browser Mode IE8.

EDIT: My simple test page which is not working in IE8 (for me): http://www.personaltrainer.com.au/test.php

The relevant code section is...

<script type="application/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
    $("body").on("click touchstart",".something",function(e) {
        $(this).text($(this).text() + " "+e.type);


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WHY the down votes? –  Martin Jan 10 at 3:54
I didn't downvote but the embedded result (jsfiddle.net/4Bdbn/embedded/result) looks like it works for me on IE8 compat mode in IE10 –  Tom Heard Jan 10 at 3:55
Or at least the on click part works for me –  Tom Heard Jan 10 at 3:57
@TomHeard thanks, appreciate that. Strange, yes it is working in that embed mode of jsfiddle. I wanted to test it in jsfiddle before posting here but couldnt get jsfiddle working in ie8 to test it, lol. nice to know this hack. anyway, strange that it doesn't work in IE8 on my simple test file that I copied into the fiddle. –  Martin Jan 10 at 4:01
Just a heads up. Simulating ie8 is not equivalent to actual ie8. I have had issues in past where if I run code in ie8 mode it would work but in actual ie8, it wont. –  Subash Jan 10 at 4:04

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You're using an invalid type attribute (application/javascript) on your script tag. Change it to text/javascript or simply remove it all together.

This works just fine in IE8 (real version)

<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.3/jquery.min.js"></script> 
$(document).ready(function () {
    $("body").on("click touchstart",".something",function(e) {
        $(this).text($(this).text() + " "+e.type);
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Thanks Phil, that did the trick! Lovely! –  Martin Jan 10 at 5:05

maybe you should remove the touchstart event first to check if it works! IE8 actually dosn't support touch action!

$(function () {
    $("body").on("click",".something", function(e) {
        $(this).text($(this).text() + " " + e.type);    
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Could you please provide the necessary code to change? –  Qantas 94 Heavy Jan 10 at 4:36
Registering an event listener for touchstart doesn't stop IE8 from working –  Phil Jan 10 at 4:58
@Phil - That is what I thought. btw is it the same with jquery (mobile) tap event? if I had on("click tap",... would this throw errors on non mobile devices/browsers? (eg. if I didn't included the jquery mobile library on a non-mobile device and only included the library for mobile devices)? if that makes sense... –  Martin Jan 10 at 5:08
@Martin No idea, I've never used it. Try it and see :) –  Phil Jan 10 at 5:09

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