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i dont understand how to use this method from pcap_simple( gem, what is &block?

def each(&block)
  loop do
    break if (header_data.nil? || header_data.length < PACKET_HEADER_LEN)
    break if (raw.nil? || raw.length < header.incl_len)>raw,:header=>header)

    yield packet unless packet.datagram.nil?

and "yield packet", i know packet is a class but how it work with yield??

I tried something like this but nothing, the fist line work I could open the file.

    @archivo ="file_name","/home/deniel/Sites Ruby on Rails/h2/out.pcap") 



Sorry and Thanks! im new in ruby.

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I made it work copy-paste the gem method directly on my class like this way."/home/deniel/Sites Ruby on Rails/h2/out2.pcap","r")*32 + 2*16)/8))*32 + 2*16)/8) 
   loop do
   header_data =*32 + 2*16)/8)    
    break if (header_data.nil? || header_data.length < ((4*32)/8) )
    break if (raw.nil? || raw.length < header.incl_len)>raw,:header=>header) packet.src

So... I still dont know what is the

yield packet unless packet.datagram.nil?

and if i leave that line, appears this error:

LocalJumpError in WelcomeController#index

no block given
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