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I'm migrating a pretty serious multi-tenant application to Azure, and one of the challenges I see coming is that it hosts over a hundred domains.

On the Azure side, the only way I see to add a custom domain is hand-entering them via the portal. I would really like to script this out with Azure PowerShell or (perhaps less desirable for this one-off operation) one of the .Net APIs.

I did find this, which shows that it can be done with one of the REST APIs: Add a domain to an Azure web site via code

Is there anything for PowerShell?

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you can use -

Set-AzureWebsite -Name "ramisample" -HostNames @('www.abc.com', 'abc.com')

Make sure you point the CNAME records before adding them as domains.

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Nice!... Wow I spent hours last night solving this with the REST API, this would have been so much easier. Quick question for the kids at home: I'm guessing if you have a hostname or two set up already, you better include them in your list or they will be lost. That's how the REST API works. –  Brian MacKay Jan 12 at 4:22

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