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I have my beaglebone black running stock Angstrom Linux and is connected to ethernet at my home. I can login from any PC connected to my home network using SSH. I would like to know how can I login from another network, say I am at my office and I am connected to internet. I want to login into my beaglebone black which is connected to internet at my Home. How can I do this?

Thanks in Advance

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You have a public IP address, that is given to you by your Internet operator. This public IP however will be different than the IP of your Beagle in your local network.

To login to your Beagle from the Internet, you need to connect to your public IP address, and need to add port forwarding to your router, so that port 22, which is the socket port that is used by ssh, is forwarded from your public IP to your local IP.

So, you need to login to your router management console, and go to "port forwarding" options, and select to forward TCP/IP connections to port 22 be forwarded to your Beagle IP. For this to work longer term, you should set static IP address to your Beagle, otherwise if your board stays offline for long time, the DHCP server on your router will probably assign different IP at some point, and the forwarding would need to be setup again.

There is a good guide on the static IP address setting in Beagle/Angstrom here: http://derekmolloy.ie/set-ip-address-to-be-static-on-the-beaglebone-black/

One more thing: Since your operator will also assign different public IP for you from time to time, you might want to have some kind of Dynamic DNS service in use. With this kind of service, you can create your "custom" DNS address (for example user3180454.no-ip.com), that will always point to your Public IP address to which you can create ssh connection (the service will require some method to keep this IP address up to date, you will see instructions on how to do it from the service you use).

Couple services like this:



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You might also want to try out the Weaved connection service installer for BeagleBone Black. I'm using it to connect:

SSH on port 22 BBB web server on port 80 tightVNC server on port 5901 Shell in a Box on port 4200 Apache web server on port 8080



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If you are:

  • Connecting to from a BeagleBoard via USB Ethernet
  • from Mac Air running Mavericks & connected to web via Wifi

I found this very helpful:


In short >> install/run a proxy server (with Squidman) & your life will be easier.

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