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I have an Wav audio file which i want to play it when window loads.

Its working in firefox, chrome, opera, But not working in IE and Safari.


var sound = null;

window.onload = function(){

  sound = new Audio("/sound/longType.wav");
  sound.addEventListener('canplaythrough', function() { 


  }, false);

Error I am getting in Safari is

TypeError: 'undefined' is not a constructor (evaluating 'new Audio("/sound/longType.wav")')

Error I am getting in IE is

AUDIO/VIDEO: Unknown MIME type

Why this error in safari ? Please point me in right direction.

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The MIME type error tells everything

Safari does not play audio by itself. It needs QuickTime installed on Windows. Do that, and probably will work.


You cannot play every sound format in every browser, so maybe you should consider to choose the correct file type by checking the browser support of this file type.

Very useful examples for this check can be found here.

Maybe this is also interesting for your case: Best way to play wav files in the browser

Additional Info: Media formats supported by the HTML audio elements

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but i have mime-type set for wav file in my web.xml –  shadow Jan 10 at 7:21
I modified my code to use .aac audio in IE which is supported, but still the same error persist –  shadow Jan 10 at 7:35
@shadow - Does it work without javascript? (Using the plain html <audio> element) –  WoIIe Jan 10 at 7:38
I changed it again to .mp3 and now its playing using plain html –  shadow Jan 10 at 7:44
Thanks buddy for help, I fixed issue for IE but the major problem is in safari –  shadow Jan 10 at 7:54

To play audio on safari browser while click event, follow up this steps :- 1) If audio not play while click over play button, then a) After Install Quicktime player in system. b) When we click over play button, if audio play, then ok. otherwise we will get an error "'undefined' is not a constructor (evaluating 'new Audio()')" c) close safari browser if opened. d) Copy QTFC.dll from "C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem" to "C:\Windows\System32" e) Open safari browser again and audio play on click event. If still not,then let me know..

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