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Here i am creating a hibernate query. The query is for selection of some ID form a table, as i want to add the criteria that have a not equal to and a equal to condition.The given query always return a unique value.. how can i build the query in hibernate using criteria


 1 STD E1

 2 STU E1

 3 STD E2

 4 STV E2

select ID from Table where EDU_ID = E1 and ST_NAME <>STD;

how can i make the query in hibernate? Result i want is 2

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First of all you need to create the Entity student. Then you can use the entity in Criteria API to get the desired results

Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(Student.class);
criteria.add(Restrictions.eq("eduId", "E1");
criteria.add(Restrictions.ne("name", "STD");
Student result = criteria.uniqueResult();
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With HQL: query seems like this:

select s.id from Student s where s.name!=? and s.edu=?

You have to pass student name and edu as parameter. If you are using Criteria API, Pratik's answer seems right.

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select s.ID from table where ug.testID =:testID and checkID !=checkID its not working properly.could u plz check with my query –  Aravind Cheekkallur Jan 15 '14 at 16:48

I got the result at last. its working perfectly with not equal to checking

select stuID from Table T where T.eduID =:eduID and stuName !=:stuName
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