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I have a very small number and I want to convert it to a String with the full number, not abbreviated in any way. I don't know how small this number can be.

for example, when I run:

double d = 1E-10;

it shows 1.0E-10 instead of 0.000000001.

I've already tried NumberFormat.getNumberInstance() but it formats to 0. and I don't know what expression to use on a DecimalFormat to work with any number.

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But what do you want if it prints 1e-300? 300 zeroes? –  kennytm Jan 20 '10 at 18:18

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Assuming that you want 500 zeroes in front of your number when you do:

double d = 1E-500;

then you can use:

double d = 1E-10;
NumberFormat nf = NumberFormat.getInstance();
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FYI: The smallest double-precision number is ~ 5e-324. –  kennytm Jan 20 '10 at 19:36
Thanks, I didn't know that. BTW, where did you get this number from? –  ryanprayogo Jan 20 '10 at 19:44
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… –  kennytm Jan 21 '10 at 3:55

You can set the maximum and minimum number of digits in the fraction of a numberformatter with setMinimumFractionDigits and setMaximumFractionDigits. that should fix the problem.

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You can do it with BigDecimals in Java 5 using:

System.out.println(new java.math.BigDecimal(Double.toString(1E-10)).stripTrailingZeros().toPlainString());

Note that if you have the double value as a String in the first place, you would be better off using:

System.out.println(new java.math.BigDecimal("1E-10").toPlainString());

... as explained in the BigDecimal javadocs.

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Have a look at: http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/i18n/format/decimalFormat.html#numberpattern

I think the format "0.####" might work.

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it didn't work :( it prints 0. –  cd1 Jan 20 '10 at 18:30
Try "0.#############" –  mpez0 Jan 20 '10 at 18:45

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