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I want to establish the P2P TCP connection between two clients situated across network

Approach :

1)Fetch the current IP address of two clients 2) Establish socket connection 3) Start sending data

Error : 1)Not able to establish the connection when two clients are on different network

PS: Able to establish the socket connection when clients are in same network. I check the STUN but not able to understand how to implement . Any pointers regarding the same will be very helpful

PS PS : Language is not the constraint . My app runs on Java, i can change it to any language .

enter image description here

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See Java UDP hole punching example - connecting through firewall or share what other research you did and what specifically you didn't understand. As of now your question is too broad. –  CodeCaster Jan 10 at 9:02
Do you have specific need to use TCP? Because it would be lot easier if you want to make this connection using UDP. STUN works great with UDP but it gets complex when you try TCP using STUN / STUNT. –  Tayyab Jan 16 at 12:07
I am copying the file from one client to another so i think TCP is mandatory and BTW i tried working on STUN but there are many limitations. I am developing an app so I required which works in general which doesnt require any router configuration . –  Ankith Jan 16 at 13:52

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