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I'm currently using an iFrame tab within Facebook called ThunderPenny. Within ThunderPenny there is a Facebook gate. I'm trying to have users Facebook gate, then immediately after they like the page, have it redirect to another website.

Here's an example of what I would like. https://www.facebook.com/nomakadjs/app_396393053713168?ref=br_tf

I tried to see how they redirected and fixed to do the same thing, except just switching out the URL. Couldn't get it right. I believe I'm on the right track except I'm horrible at coding/HTML.

I had some code I was going to post, but I'm not allowed to for some reason. Can someone please help me out with this. I just need to mimic what they do. I checked the page to pull up the source code, but I don't know what would be used in the gate. I know how to re-direct, but the method I'm using re-directs the whole page automatically and does not wait for the gate to be triggered.

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