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My controller method just return String value. When I called JSON from my view page, I don't see any value.

controller method

public string test(int i)
    return "Hello world " + i;

Inside View,

$.getJSON(['../Feeds/test/', 1, '/'].join(''),
function(json) {

If I run this into Mozilla, I can see "Hello world 1" in response but don't get any alert. What is wrong here?

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because it is not a json object? I am not sure because never try return plain text output with getJSON. why don't try get function?

$.get(['../Feeds/test/', 1, '/'].join(''), 
  function(json) {
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Either make your controller return a JsonResult

return new JsonResult{Data = "Hello world " + i, JsonRequestBehavior = JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet};

or use jquery's $.get() which doesn't expect a json object.

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