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I want to run a command having args on linux using python

i have wriiten following code:

import subprocess

msg = 'this is commit'
cmdtorun = 'hg commit -m "{}"'.format(msg)

    subprocess.check_output(cmdtorun, shell=True)
    print "commit done"
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
    print "commit failed

but this is giving me error.

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but this is giving me error - it'd be useful if you'd share what that error is... Can you run the command by itself - if so - where do you run it - is the working directory of the the Python program in the same place etc... –  Jon Clements Jan 10 at 10:54
don't use check_output() unless you need command's output. Use subprocess.call() instead e.g.,print("done" if call(['hg', 'commit', '-m', msg], cwd=repo_dir) == 0 else "failed") –  J.F. Sebastian Jan 10 at 22:34

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Most likely, your problem is something else entirely. Check what error you actually get. I'm guessing that you're executing hg in the wrong directory (pass in the cwd= keyword argument).

Also, your escaping with '"{}"'.format is incorrect - it fails when msg contains a double quote. You could escape with shlex.quote, but that's error-prone. It's far easier to let subprocess do the escaping:

import subprocess
msg = 'this is commit'
    subprocess.check_output(['hg', 'commit', '-m', msg])
    print("commit done")
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as cpe:
    print("commit failed: %r" % cpe)
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While I agree breaking it up is simpler - I'm not sure The problem is that the formatting results in the string [...] you would want to properly escape that... is true. The formatting they're using would result in hg commit -m "this is commit" so should be a valid command with shell=True... –  Jon Clements Jan 10 at 11:12
@JonClements You're right, I overlooked the quotes. Updated the answer. –  phihag Jan 10 at 11:17
I'm guessing it's the working directory and supplying cwd as you now suggest is a nice way for a quick fix - but guess we won't know until the OP pipes up :) –  Jon Clements Jan 10 at 11:21

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