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What happens when I load some dll at run-time (let's call it Lib1.dll) but Lib1.dll also depends on Lib2.dll but Lib2.dll is not there?

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It depends (sorry). If the DLL in question is statically linked to the missing DLL, then the LoadLibrary call will fail with error 126 (ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND). If, however, the DLL attempts to load the missing DLL dynamically (e.g., with LoadLibrary), then the original LoadLibrary call may succeed. The behavior may also change for delay loaded libraries.

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you will get a I/O error when it tries to use something from that dll. it will say it cant load it

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The error/exception happens immediately at load time of the DLL, not when it is used. –  gwell Jan 20 '10 at 19:54
depends how its been used. If you do lazy loading it may load and use at the same time –  AutomatedTester Jan 20 '10 at 20:00

If there is a missing dependency, the program won't run: an exception/error will be thrown when an access to the DLL is attempted.

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