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i have a bunch of data harvested from a forum I own, and would like to do some text mining or use some linguistic library to extract useful information.

any text mining, data mining library in any language will do.

Thank you.

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What would you like to mine? Sometimes it is harder to define the problem, than the solution. –  Joseph Turian Jan 22 '10 at 5:28

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Mallet is a java library designed for text mining. Once you have preprocessed the text data, a general data mining tool like Weka would also suffice your task.

If you have access to SPSS or SAS, their products should be more easier to use.

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You may like to have a look at the Python NLTK (Natural Language ToolKit): it's specifically designed for this kind of thing.

There is also a great book you can but to get you started.

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I recommend that you have a look at R. It has an extensive number of text mining packages: have a look at the Natural Language Processing view. In particular, look at the tm package. Here are some relevant links:

Another example of useful package for this is Gary King's readme package.

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Try GATE, it has GUI and of course you can use java api for more power: http://gate.ac.uk/family/developer.html

You can also use Weka for processing text and doing text mining, have a look at these useful lectures: http://sentimentmining.net/weka/

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Some of the weka lectures seem to have broken download links. –  NilsHaldenwang Apr 9 '11 at 14:33

stanford core-nlp is good for English text, and has things like Named Entity Recognition. Take a look at: http://nlp.stanford.edu/software/corenlp.shtml

GATE, which Ehsan already recommended, is also good, but it can be a bit complicated if you need to write your own components. For large-scale stuff it's great though.

UIMA is similar to GATE, but not as easy to use because it doesn't feature an extensive GUI like GATE. (http://uima.apache.org)

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