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i'm new of rails and since few days i'm playing with active admin. I'm using it to manage data of an old legacy system.

I have a issue: i need to save an html string into table, but escaped and i dont find a solution for this.

Example, i want to save this

<b>Ciao</b> mondo!

Like that

&lt;p&gt;Ciao &lt;b&gt;Mondo!&lt;/p&gt;

With this block of code i can show it correctly in index page, but when i try to add new or edit it doesn't excape correctly

  index do
     column :label
     column (:value_it) { |e| raw(e.value_it) }
     column (:value_en) { |e| raw(e.value_en) }
     column (:value_es) { |e| raw(e.value_es) }


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irb(main):001:0> CGI.escapeHTML '<b>Ciao</b> mondo!'
=> "&lt;b&gt;Ciao&lt;/b&gt; mondo!"
irb(main):002:0> CGI.unescapeHTML( CGI.escapeHTML '<b>Ciao</b> mondo!' )
=> "<b>Ciao</b> mondo!"

plug it into before_save hook on the model and you're good to go

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Thanks! it works :) – Matte Jan 10 '14 at 11:38

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