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I want to export ANTLR4 rules in the railroad format.

Please notice that this format is not the same as generated by command line option "-atn".

The railroad format is generated by antlrworks, but I'd like to generate this programatically.

I am looking for something like http://clapham.sourceforge.net/

update: clapham generates what I want from BNF. Is there any tool to convert from antlr4 to BNF? (question probably related to Generate BNF diagrams from an antlr grammar?, but notice I am not asking the same thing here. Converting to BNF is just a workaround, what I want is to generate the railroad diagram directly from ANTLR grammar)

update: Following the answer for Generate BNF diagrams from an antlr grammar? worked for me

Just get your ANTLR grammar, send to http://bottlecaps.de/convert/ and then to http://bottlecaps.de/rr/ui

ANTLR4 expressions such as "WS : [ \t\r\n]+ -> skip;" could not be processed so I've changed to the traditional form "WS ::= ( #x9 | #xD | #xA )*"

Clapham could not work with the BNF grammar generated by http://bottlecaps.de/convert/ unfortunately.

This is a way to get the diagram, but this is not programatically. I wish I had some JAR I could just add to generate on the fly.

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Checkout ANTLR 4 IDE: https://github.com/jknack/antlr4ide

Here is a Java.g4 to HTML example: http://jknack.github.io/antlr4ide/Java/Javav4.g4.html

You will find images under the http://jknack.github.io/antlr4ide/Java/images directory.


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sounds impressive. can i generate the diagram from the command line? –  Please let me out Jan 15 at 17:18
d-oh! I missed that from you question and no, you can't do it from command line :( –  Edgar Espina Jan 15 at 18:55
er - where in antlr4ide can I generate the diagram? –  dschulten May 20 at 12:53

Here's a library [I wrote] that you can execute from the command line, or embed into your own code, to generate PNG or SVG railroad diagrams from ANTLR 4 grammar rules:


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