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I am currently building a small website using MVC, Knockout and bootstrap for my archery club. I am having trouble getting my head around an issue I am having with Knockout.

My model contains an array of bows a user owns, which have the properties of BowTypeID and BowTypeDescription. The real data is loaded via a JSON request, which is working just fine. I have put some dummy data in below to illustrate the shape of my model.

The model contains another small array (4 or 5 items only) for BowTypes the system will allow. I managed to data-bind the "options" of a select list to the BowTypes array just fine - the valid options are members of this array. When a user picks an option, I want that to be reflected in the instance of "Bow" being updated. So in the case illustrated below the user owns a Recurve bow, and has the option of changing that to a Compound Bow, or he could select the Recurve again. The trouble I am having is updating the "Bow" instance when the value in the select list changes.

var MyBowsModel = ko.observable(
    BowTypes: ko.observableArray([
        Description: ko.observable('Compound'),
        BowTypeID: ko.observable('c0b0e507-70b7-43d5-8574-7d6a0103ba27'),
        DefaultBow: ko.observable(false)
        Description: ko.observable('Recurve'),
        BowTypeID: ko.observable('5b9693dc-dccd-40bc-aea8-02b9f7e0a926'),
        DefaultBow: ko.observable(true)
    Bows: ko.observableArray([
        BowID: ko.observable('6bf1fd74-5300-49f3-92cd-9ab14188f046'),
        BowTypeDescription: ko.observable('Recurve'),
        BowTypeID: ko.observable('5b9693dc-dccd-40bc-aea8-02b9f7e0a926'),
        CreatedDate: ko.observable('05/01/2013 15:00'),
        Name: ko.observable('My favourite Bow')
    }]), //A couple of function stubs
    Save: function () { alert('Save'); return true; },
    Visible: function () {
        return true;

The UI is using a knockout foreach binding to list the bows using this template:

<script id="BowItemTemplate" type="text/template">

    <div class="clearfix" data-bind="liveEditor: Name">
        <span class="view" data-bind="event: { dblclick: Name.edit }, text: Name,"></span>
        <div class="pull-right">
            <ul class="list-inline text-right">
                <li><label>Deleted? <input data-bind="checked: false" type="checkbox" /></label></li>
                <li><i data-bind="click: Name.edit" class="icon-wrench"></i></li>
        <textarea style="width:85%" class="edit" data-bind="value: Name, enterKey: Name.stopEditing, selectAndFocus: Name.editing, event: { blur: Name.stopEditing }"></textarea>
    <div style="width:100%;">
        <ul class="list-unstyled list-inline">
            <li><label>Bow Type</label></li>
            <li data-bind="liveEditor: BowTypeDescription">
                    <span class="view" data-bind="event: { dblclick: BowTypeDescription.edit }, text: BowTypeDescription"></span>
                    <i data-bind="click: BowTypeDescription.edit" class="icon-wrench"></i>
                    <select style="width: 95%;" class="edit" data-bind="event: { blur: BowTypeDescription.stopEditing }, options: $parent.BowTypes, optionsText: 'Description', value: BowTypeID, optionsCaption: 'Choose...'"></select>    
            <li><label>Date Created</label></li>
            <li><span data-bind="text: CreatedDate"></span> <i class="icon-wrench"></i></li>

The "liveEditor" is a cool bit of knockout extension which allows inline editing:

ko.extenders.liveEditor = function (target) {
    target.editing = ko.observable(false);

    target.edit = function () {
        if (!target.editing()) {
        else {

    target.stopEditing = function () {
    return target;

ko.bindingHandlers.liveEditor = {
    init: function (element, valueAccessor) {
        var observable = valueAccessor();
        observable.extend({ liveEditor: this });
    update: function (element, valueAccessor) {
        var observable = valueAccessor();
        ko.bindingHandlers.css.update(element, function () {
            return { editing: observable.editing };

Using simple CSS styles elements are shown/hidden depending on whether an item is being edited or not.

The page loads, and the users one and only bow is displayed

Clicking on the wrench next to recurve puts it in edit mode:

Edit Mode

When the user selects Long Bow, or another option, the Bow in the Bows array should update. It doesnt - it stays as Recurve.

Any ideas on how I can get the bow instance in the Bows array to take the value selected in the dropdown list, which gets its values from the BowsType array?

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I am wondering if I could achieve this using a ko.computed - bind to the BowTypeID in the bows array, but somehow return the text description from the BowType array for display... I think the problem might be using both BowTypeDescriptions and BowTypeIDs –  Ian Danger Robertson Jan 10 at 12:36
I have ran into similar issues in the past. I threw together a workaround but it may not fit the overall direction you are trying to go. –  Origineil Jan 10 at 20:15

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ko.computed is a good way to go Ian, the trick/solution is to build it by looping over your array of raw Bows and call a Bow constructor (so it has a reference to the bow, and can create the computed based on it's BowTypeID):

var Bow = function(rawData, bowTypes){
        var bow={};
        bow.BowID= ko.observable(rawData.BowID);
        bow.BowTypeID= ko.observable(rawData.BowTypeID);
        bow.BowType = ko.computed(function(){
                return ko.utils.arrayFirst(bowTypes(), function(bowType){
                    return bowType.BowTypeID() == bow.BowTypeID();
        bow.CreatedDate = ko.observable(rawData.CreatedDate);
        bow.Name = ko.observable(rawData.Name);
         return bow;

     self.Bows = ko.observableArray(ko.utils.arrayMap(self.rawBows, function(bow){
            return new Bow(bow, self.BowTypes);

Then your HTML needs to change to update the BowTypeID rather than the description:

<li data-bind="liveEditor: BowTypeID">
                <span class="view" data-bind="event: { dblclick:  BowTypeID.edit }, text: BowType().Description"></span>
                <i data-bind="click: BowTypeID.edit" class="icon-wrench"></i>
                <select style="width: 95%;" class="edit" data-bind="event: { blur: BowTypeID.stopEditing }, options: $parent.BowTypes, optionsText: 'Description', optionsValue: 'BowTypeID', value: BowTypeID, optionsCaption: 'Choose...'"></select>    

The ko.computed above returns the full BowType (BowTypeID, Description), so the HTML references that with BowType().Description, this allows you to reference other things on the BowType if there are any; if you really just wanted the description you can change the ko.computed defintion to:

bow.BowTypeDescription = ko.computed(function(){
            //find the bow type in bowTypes array
            var bowType ko.utils.arrayFirst(bowTypes(), function(bowType){
                return bowType.BowTypeID() == bow.BowTypeID();
            return bowType.Description();


Both methods can be seen on this fiddle I put together (so you'll see the description twice, but with 2 different ways of doing the computed):


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Thank you @jiggle - I had to move a bit of the code around to take into account loading via an AJAX post request, but your ko.computeds did the trick. I have noticed something strange - it might be due to ko.computeds - I usually do ko.applyBindings(viewModel) before the ajax call, and before $(document).ready() which runs the ajax call. I had to move the applyBindings after I built and updated the whole model from my JSON data. I am wondering if ko.computeds dont notify subscribers properly. Enough of my issues, thank you very much! –  Ian Danger Robertson Jan 11 at 19:42
Great, glad you got it working. Definitely makes sense to apply your bindings after $(document).ready(); but potentially you could applybindings before the ajax call, you might need to new up an empty observablearray first for the data eg self.bows = ko.observablearray()....though you might get binding errors for the missing computeds, in which case you could create a dummy bow; but you have it working, so that's good! –  John Lucas Jan 14 at 9:44

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