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Recently I setup a website on byethost.com using the CMS ezpublish. After a couple days of working on the site, byethost deleted the Mysql database. I still have all the FTP files but I can't log in as an admin because their is not Mysql database with all the users. Is there any way I can create a new Mysql database setup for Ezpublish. All I need currently is an admin account and whatever other information is essential to have for Ezpublish to run. Any response/ideas would be great.

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Just create a new database

Then, for a plain site (not ezflow neither ezwebin) import those files : kernel/sql/mysql/kernel_schema.sql and kernel/sql/common/cleandata.sql in MySQL.

The admin username will be : admin and the admin password will be : publish

By the way, an other solution is to edit settings/override/site.ini.append.php and change this:


to this:


Reloading a page will lead to launch the setup wizard just like if it was a fresh install. (If it doesn't work, you may need to clear the cache by yourself and try again)

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