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I have JavaEE application that uses Spring and Logback.

I want be able to set log file path in file (which stores Spring properties).

Setting property ${} in logback.xml do not work (and it's understandable). What is good way to do it then?

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Based on Spring reference documentation:

  1. Make sure that you exclude commons-logging from Spring dependencies. Note that this exclusion may happen for more than one module of Spring.
  2. Assuming that you're using SLF4J, make sure that you also include jcl-over-slf4j in your dependencies.
  3. Include the proper Logback dependencies that you need.
  4. Place logback.xml configuration in the root of your classpath.

Probably something like this finally:




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One way to achieve this will be by setting a property for logpath in system variable.

Suppose you are using tomcat, then in your setenv.bat/ file set the property as"/home/birendra/"

Now you can refer the path in your logback.xml

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The fact is that I am using tomcat, but my goal is to make deployment as simple as possible. That's way I want to move all necessary properties to one file. – M314 Jan 13 '14 at 7:36

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