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I have a web application in SharePoint that has been extended to another zone (Extranet). The access URL for the default zone is http ://server1, and the URL for the extranet zone is https: //www.server1.com.

Now, when I access the site via the extranet zone, I find that SPContext.Current.Web.Url returns http ://server1. I would have expected https ://www.server1.com, since that's how I'm accessing the site. What am I doing wrong?

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That's interesting - I have an alternate access mapping on a different port (http://example vs http://example:8387) and SPContext.Web.Url performs as expected. –  Chloraphil Jan 20 '10 at 21:41

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Try using:


That should take into account your access mappings.

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As an alternative, have you tried using HttpContext.Current.Request.Url ?

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