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While browsing the web,i decided to pay the jython project a visit and read this news

JyNI is a compatibility layer with the goal to enable Jython to use native CPython extensions like NumPy or SciPy. This way we aim to enable scientific Python code to run on Jython. ... Our philosophy is to integrate JyNI with Jython and CPython extensions as seamless as possible. So JyNI aims to work without any recompilation of Jython or the desired CPython extensions.

What it means is we can use NumPy or SciPy in jython.I have worked with python before but i lean more towards java.

Do python's pep 8 rules apply in jython?.

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PEP 8 is a style guide for Python code. Python as in the language implemented by Jython among many others. What does C API compatibility have to do with this? –  delnan Jan 10 at 13:45
Python heads give me a headache.So vain. –  javamq Jan 10 at 13:47
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PEP8 is just a code style specification, albeit a very good one. You can use it on any Python implementation. It is widely used, but that doesn't mean your code won't work without it!

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