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I am playing around with Angular.dart as app framework and trying Twitters Bootstrap components and CSS for styling. I did run into an issue almost immediately, since Bootstrap does not seem to handle ShadowDOM, and Angular.dart uses the ShadowDOM for Components.

This would essentially mean I cant build Angular components with Bootstrap.js. Using Bootstrap components only requiring CSS works fine with applyAuthorStyles: true in NgComponent annotation.

Is there any way to also build angular.dart components using bootstrap js components?


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Several things can be fixed using applyAuthorStyles: true but selectors that cross the shadowDOM boundary don't work. You would have to change Bootstrap's css.

applyAuthorStyles is deprecated or already removed

Here Feature Request: Add templates for NgDirectives or a NgComponent non-shadow dom option is also a discussion going on about this topic. It mentions a ng-pseudo directive that should help solving this issue.

AFAIK ShadowDOM will be ported to AngularJS as well maybe this creates some ally and eventually an improvment.

Polymer (JS and Dart) have the same problem.

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applyAuthorStyles is deprecated and will be removed soon (if it wasn't already) –  Günter Zöchbauer Feb 15 '14 at 15:53

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