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Does Windows Azure Platform allow to deploy a ruby on rails app? If yes, in which kind of service? It's a SAAS like Heroku or it is a IAAS?

Thank you!

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Azure Web Sites? or Azure normal server? –  skozz Jan 10 at 14:44

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I used...

For Azure Virtual Machine:

  1. http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/develop/other/tutorials/ruby-on-rails-nopublish/
  2. http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/MIX/MIX10/SVC03 [video]
  3. http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/documentation/articles/virtual-machines-ruby-rails-web-app-linux/

For Azure Web Sites:

Not yet.

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Web Sites does also support Node.JS and Python, while indeed they don't support Ruby, don't limit them to just .NET and PHP, as this is not the case! –  astaykov Jan 10 at 22:26
True, my information is deprecated, sry. Updated. –  skozz Jan 11 at 16:56

You can set up Linux VPS on Azure.

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