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Now ipython notebook could easily hide the output part of a cell by double clicking the left margin of the output. But I havn't figure out a way to hide the whole cell content.

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No, if you like to discuss it, you can contact me or other IPython core dev privately. –  Matt Jan 10 at 16:35

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Not sure if this is still relevant but the following code folding extension may help:


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This is for folding the code within a cell. I believe what the original poster was asking was how to collapse an entire iPython cell. –  Seanny123 Jul 16 at 1:14

As the commenter aptly mentioned, there is no ability to collapse cells built-in to iPython, but as you can see it is being discussed here. An interesting suggestion that has emerged from that discussion is the ability to include custom Javascript and a pointer to an extension.

The only other manner of doing this that I've found was on this blog, but seems a bit overkill especially if you aren't using Pelican already.

I will update my answer with steps once I've figured out either how embed the Javascript or how to use the linked extension.

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