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When attempting to debug (Run -> Debug), the "waiting for debugger" dialog appears, and subsequently disappears. The simulator starts up to the home screen, I click on my app, and all that happens is a black screen appears. No breakpoints are hit, and the application never appears to do anything. Simply running the application without debugging works as expected. Any ideas?

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If you haven't fixed this already - the same thing happened to me. And as Driss says in the comments having a folder called Resources in your project gives the iPhone Simulator a heartattack and crashes it from the looks of things, without even copying your app bundle to the simulator directory.

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I think I had a very similar issue. Did this happen with your project "all of a sudden?", did you rename your View's .xib file? did you have a NavigationController then delete it and now have this issue?

Can you also please post your "FinishedLaunching" code from your Main.cs please.


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I haven't been able to debug at any point - although I hadn't tried until recently. I can create a completely new solution, start debug - it "waits to connect", then the app loads to a black screen and immediately quits (without visible exception or output). –  Jeremy Jan 21 '10 at 23:28
Hmm, you wouldn't happen to have created a folder called Resources did you? –  Driss Zouak Jan 30 '10 at 16:13

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