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I am trying to execute a query locally. I am chaining on .noTracking() to the query but it is not unwrapping the entities.

var result = breeze.EntityQuery
    .where('id', '==', 1)

I have tried the same query using fromEntities, executeQueryLocally, and a bunch of other variations but I can't get back an unwrapped entity.

I could use Select but I would rather not have to as I am also using expand.

Does EntityQuery only work with noTracking() when hitting the server?

Using Breeze.js 1.4.7 and Knockout 3.0

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Yes, that is correct, the EntityQuery noTracking method is only applicable when querying a server. We will update the documentation so that this is clearer.

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This is NOT a limitation. To execute a query locally means to seek the entities in cache. "No tracking" means "I don't want entities in cache". It's a contradiction to query for entities in a place they aren't supposed to be.

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True however the unwrapped pojos with expanded properties would be really powerful. –  PW Kad Jan 11 at 23:54
I would like to understand the scenarios in which this is "really powerful". Maybe that could motivate a feature. Also have you looked at the documentation on entity serialization? There might be some useful clues there. –  Ward Jan 12 at 6:11
Yes I have, many times :). Imagine a deep nested tree of entities with navigation properties. A league has teams, a team has players. If a breeze developer wants to load these into a third party grid or serialize the objects using select() for a custom save it is much more difficult. Creating a custom save serialization function is possible of course but to be honest I haven't gotten it working properly yet. More homework for me. –  PW Kad Jan 12 at 15:41
We've been considering a method to "unwrap" any breeze entities. i.e. returning a collection of raw js objects. It would not affect the EntityManager cache in any way. If we had this, would it be useful for your use case? –  Jay Traband Jan 14 at 1:45
Extremely useful. I think a lot of developers are looking to get raw JSON back out of their object graphs for various but I have spent probably 3 days trying to do this to no avail. The ko.toJS() works with some grids and such but say I am implementing a custom save and I want to pass JSON back to the server - all AJAX calls hiccup on entityType and entityAspect. Deleting one or both properties throws an error in Breeze when it tries to update to a new value (when _$interceptor fires) A Breeze default save doesn't have an option to maintain the structure (that I see at least) –  PW Kad Jan 14 at 22:10

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