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I'm using Canvas.js to create a doughnut-type chart. Basically, I'd like to display an image in the middle of the doughnut when the mouse hovers a part of the graph (each country would have its own image).

The mouseover event exists in the library, but I can't seem to trigger anything else than an alert.

Thank you so much.

Link to the JSFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/83gxL/

var chart = new CanvasJS.Chart("chartContainer",

  data: [
            type: "doughnut",
            startAngle: 60,                          

            showInLegend: true,
            dataPoints: [
            {  y: 80500000, label: "Germany", legendText: "Germany" },
            {  y: 66000000, label: "France", legendText: "France" },
            {  y: 63200000, label: "UK", legendText: "UK" },
            {  y: 38500000, label: "Poland", legendText: "Poland" },
            {  y: 59700000, label: "Italy", legendText: "Italy" },
            {  y: 46700000, label: "Spain", legendText: "Spain" },
            {  y: 20100000, label: "Romania", legendText: "Romania" },
            {  y: 7400000, label: "Bulgaria", legendText: "Bulgaria" },
            {  y: 10800000, label: "Greece", legendText: "Greece" },
            {  y: 10500000, label: "Portugal", legendText: "Portugal" },            


Second part

The second problem is that I need a different image for every part of the doughnut chart.

Is there a way to ask the library to differentiate between the different sections (i.e. between France, Italy, Germany...)?

Thanks again!

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did try this i think you missed something jsfiddle.net/83gxL/1 –  CognitiveDesire Jan 10 at 16:57
@CognitiveDesire Hum, it makes everything disappear... –  user3041647 Jan 10 at 17:05
it means that mouse over works –  CognitiveDesire Jan 14 at 6:12
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You can call mouseover and use it to return a value of your dataset, in this example I have used name but you could change that to legend. With this value you can update the background image as shown below.

  data: [
    mouseover: function(e){            
        document.getElementById('chartContainer').style.backgroundImage = "url('" + e.dataPoint.name + ".png')";

You will also need to edit the CSS to position the image, the following should help.

    background-color:transparent !important;

I have updated your JSFiddle.

You will need to use the developer tools to see the background change as I have not linked it to any images.

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It seems to be a pretty nice solution! However, it returns me this error: "Error in parsing value for 'background-image'. Declaration dropped." –  user3041647 Jan 10 at 17:30
All right, with style.backgroundImage = "url('base.jpeg')"; it works fine. Just need the background not to repeat : Add in the CSS background-repeat: no-repeat; –  user3041647 Jan 10 at 17:40
I just modified @Jonathan's JSFiddle a bit. Checkout jsfiddle.net/83gxL/3 –  Sunil Urs Jan 10 at 17:44
Wow brilliant! Thanks so much @SunilUrs –  user3041647 Jan 10 at 17:48
Here is a slightly updated version jsfiddle.net/83gxL/4 In the previous JSFiddle because the event handler was attached to dataSeries's mouseover event, image was not changing when mouse is moved from one dataPoint to another directly - it required us to move out of dataSeries each time and hover again. In the current one I've attached event handler to individual dataPoints. –  Sunil Urs Jan 10 at 17:56
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