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I was wondering how to set the characters before the first period to a variable called "Root", then the characters in between the second and third period to a variable called "Function" and set the characters after the second period to a variable named "Execute".

Set Input=Programs.Run.ABC.bat

In this case I would like:

Root = Programs
Function = Run
Execute = ABC.bat

How would I do this?

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Try this:

@echo off

Set Input=Programs.Run.ABC.bat

for /f "tokens=1,2* delims=." %%a in ('echo %Input%') do (
   echo Root = %%a
   echo Function = %%b
   echo Execute = %%c
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Thankyou, I will get back to you on if it works. –  TheMountainFurnaceGabriel Jan 10 at 17:19
It worked perfectly, thank you! :) –  TheMountainFurnaceGabriel Jan 10 at 17:22

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