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I just got myself an Olimex STM32 E407 and the USB TINY-H Debugging Adapter and would like to know if there is any way setting up a toolchain in Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 NOT using VisualGDB, as I do not really want to pay for another tool.

I have searched many forums and pages, but most either consider Linux (which atm is a problem with my computer due to the annoying UEFI BIOS) or need VisualGDB. And to be honest, I really like Visual Studio.

I would not mind doing command line action and if absolutely necessary also might consider installing MinGW.

Thanks a lot for help, G.

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Other compromise options: Keil's µVision is quite Visual Studio-y and the MDK-Lite version looks to be free. If it comes to Linux, VirtualBox is my favourite way of solving the hardware issues. –  Notlikethat Jan 10 at 21:18
After trying hard and without success to get the jtag adpater running under win 8 I really consider trying to disable uefi and installing fedora. Seems to be way easier. Thanks for your suggestions! –  gilgamash Jan 11 at 6:36
For all potentially interested users: Win 8 is problematic, the driver for a JTag/USB TINY H adapter does not even work correctly. Finally, I decided to go for good old emacs in Win7 installing the original STM tool chain and MinGW plus Make. Works flawlessly. –  gilgamash Jan 14 at 7:37
Ok, what is the motivation for downvoting this question? Gosh, some people here really have problems. Go and get yourself some green tea. –  gilgamash Oct 13 at 17:11

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I use VisualGDB and really like it. Since you want a free option, be sure to take a look at http://www.wingdb.com/ .

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WinGDB isn't free either (it's $89 for one copy). –  Andrew Medico Oct 13 at 16:08

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