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In our rails 3.2 app with gem workflow , the workflow is defined as this:

   workflow do          
        state :new do
          event :submit, :transitions_to => :being_reviewed
        state :being_reviewed do
          event :approve, :transitions_to => :approved
          event :reject, :transitions_to => :rejected
        state :approved
        state :rejected


The initial state is defined as :new and the final state is :approved and :rejected. Are there methods to tell:

1.if an instance is in its final (completed) state like this:

instance.final_state? #return either true or false

2.return the final state of a workflow like this:

instance.return_final_state = ['approved', 'rejected']

We did not see those methods in gem workflow documents and would like to know if there is any implementation of such kind. Or methods leading to such implementation.

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I don't see one, but you can just check with instance.approved? or instance.rejected?.

And, I guess you could create a convenience method to combine these:

def workflow_completed?
  approved? || rejected?
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The idea is that we want to come out with a universal method handling final states which may be approved, rejected or anything else. So we can not assume approved or any other state is the final state. – user938363 Jan 10 '14 at 22:16
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The following is a solution we found for gem workflow. Model.workflow_spec.state_names returns array of state names in the order of they are defined. So the final state would be the last one or last 2 states depending on model. So we can form an array of final states by doing:

states_array = Model.workflow_spec.state_names
final_state = []
final_state << state_array[-1]
final_state << state_array[-2] 

To tell if the state of an instance is in final state, we can do:

final_state.include?(instance.current_state) #true if it is, or false if it is not.
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