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I have a video inside of another movieclip. When I go full screen, I scale up the outer movieclip to fit the screen. So that OuterMovieClip.width is equal to screenWidth etc. How do I maintain the aspect ratio on my video so it does not get distorted? Whats the proper math for that?

Thank you.

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I believe you'd need something (code below untested) along the lines of...

var screen_aspect_ratio = Screen.Width / Screen.Height;
var outer_aspect_ratio = OuterMovieClip.Width / OuterMovieClip.Height;
var new_outer_width;
var new_outer_height;

if (screen_aspect_ratio > outer_aspect_ratio) {
  new_outer_height = Screen.Height;
  new_outer_width = (Screen.Height * OuterMovieClip.Width) / OuterMovieClip.Height;
} else {
  new_outer_width = Screen.Width;
  new_outer_height = (Screen.Width * OuterMovieClip.Height) / OuterMovieClip.Width;

OuterMovieClip.Width = new_outer_width;
OuterMovieClip.Height = new_outer_height;
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Thank you. It's not exactly working, but I think that puts me in the right direction. Can you briefly explain what mutiplying the Screen.Height by the OuterMovieClip.Width is doing exactly? Thanks. –  Guest Jan 20 '10 at 22:02
Take a look at this wikipedia article... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross_multiplication#Use –  theraccoonbear Jan 21 '10 at 1:39

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