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I'm using Rails and Sass related gems.

When a Sass gem is used in Rails code, it's not easy (or advised) to edit the original @mixin definitions of the Sass gem codebase by digging through the gem files (e.g. "@mixin container" from the Susy gem).

What I'm trying to do is to edit/update/reopen/add-to a @mixin definition without:

  • going into the guts of the gem and editing the mixin definition directly
  • forking the repo
  • creating my own idiosyncratic 'mysite-container' mixin that @includes or @extends container

I'm finding it hard to redefine/add-to a @mixin without completely erasing the original @mixin defined inside the gem. I just want to add to it, while keeping its name the same.

Does SASS have something like

@edit-mixin container {
   /* additional rules */
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The problem with overwriting the mixin is what, exactly? – cimmanon Jan 10 '14 at 20:06

You can try do it slightly hack way:

%old_container_mixin {
  @include container

@mixin container {
  extend %old_container_mixin
  /* additional rules */

It should work if mixin takes no params, I am now looking for solution for mixins with params.

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