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I'm programming VTK using Java and have successfully placed a button widget on the screen using C++ example with a few changes.

Now the goal is to get the button to goto a callback function when it is pressed. vtkCommand doesn't exist in the Java variant, so users must call AddObserver().

The problem: VTK Java doesn't seem to allow an observer to be added to a Widget, only to the vtkRenderWindowInteractor. This is a problem since the RenderWindow will intercept all events and not the event to the object.


//The below DOES NOT WORK
int test = closeButton.AddObserver("RightButtonPressEvent", closeButton, "buttonEventCallback");
//This works, but is generic to the entire Render Window
int test = mInteractor.AddObserver("RightButtonPressEvent", closeButton, "buttonEventCallback");

To be clear, closeButton is a subclassed vtkButtonWidget that draws a .png textured button to the screen. That code can be provided if requested. It contains a public void buttonEventCallback(){} that does get called using the 2nd line of code above.

Has anyone found a work around or a solution to this problem?

Thanks in Advance.

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Well, still haven't figured it out. Just going to go back to C++ since that can be called from Matlab as easily. –  Austin Jan 16 at 20:43

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