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char *func1 = "Open file";
char *func2 = "Write to file";

printf("%s", func1);

How can I format the printf so that the "test_passed" string is right-aligned on the same line that contains the first string?

Open file ........ test_passed.
Write to file .... test_passed.
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@H2CO3 in my case, a line is being printed using 2 printf statements and not one. so i cant use the printf(%-20s) format –  KVM Jan 10 at 19:43
This is not a duplicate of the proposed original because the original seeks padding with spaces, which can be done directly with printf formatting, but this question seeks padding with periods, which cannot. –  Eric Postpischil Jan 10 at 19:47
Many solutions (in C and C++) here stackoverflow.com/questions/451475/… –  nos Jan 10 at 19:50

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#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

#define MES_WIDTH 20

int main(){
    char *func1 = "Open file";
    char *func2 = "Write to file";
    char *pass  = "test_passed.";
    char padding[MES_WIDTH + 1] = {0};
    memset(padding, '.', MES_WIDTH);
    printf("%s %.*s %s\n", func1, MES_WIDTH-strlen(func1), padding, pass);
    printf("%s %.*s %s\n", func2, MES_WIDTH-strlen(func2), padding, pass);
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That's where I was headed next, and you beat me to it (+1) –  lurker Jan 10 at 19:58

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