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I'am using Cordova LocalNotification-Plugin to show some notification to user . Now what I want to do is to have a specific sound on notification . They said to add this

window.plugin.notification.local.add({ sound: 'android.resource://' + package_name +/raw/beep});

Note: Local sound files must be placed into the res-folder and not into the assets-folder.

I don't know in which res folder should I put my mp3. And if I try to put it into main res folder where I have : drawable; drawable-hdpi; drawable-ldpi;drawable-mdpi;drawable-xhdpi;values;xml folders when I build the project I get this error:

invalid resource directory name: C:\Users\etc\etc\myprojectname\platforms\android\res/sounds

What should I do ?

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As I understand it, you should put your sound file in the res/raw folder instead of res/sounds (as you see in the plugin call : +/raw/beep).

There is no /res/sounds folder in android, datas that do not fit in other categories should be put in /res/raw. You can have a look at the sdk doc

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Yes. You're right . The folder needs to be called raw but I still can't get the song played. 'android.resource://' + package_name +/raw/beep -> what about the package_name with what I should replace it ? –  George02 Jan 11 '14 at 8:21
I figured it out . The package_name was the name of my application package. Thanks QuickFix for your response. –  George02 Jan 11 '14 at 9:36

Yes you are right you should just create the missing var and assign your package name (the one you use when created the phonegap/cordova project with the command line something like this for example:

cordova create LocalNotification com.example.localnotification LocalNotification

Should be used in the plugin with these values:

var package_name = "com.example.localnotification";
        date        : Math.round(new Date().getTime()/1000 + 5),
        title       : "Android App Tes Local Notification", 
        message       : "This is a new local notification.",
        repeat        : "daily",
        sound       : 'android.resource://' + package_name + '/raw/beep',
        badge           : 0,
        id             : 666,
        foreground      : function(notificationId){
        console.log("Hello World! This alert was triggered by notification " + notificationId);
    background  : function(notificationId){
        console.log("Hello World! This alert was triggered by notification " + notificationId);

And just in case someone is interested on creating local notifications for android this is absolutely beautiful and working just fine!

Download local notification plugin (working on Android ONLY)

Download beep.mp3

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