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Most of the time the Vimperator Statusline just sits there taking up space. Is there any way to autohide it so it only shows when I'm using it?

  • main_coon and _libjs don't work in recent firefox
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Based on http://blog.yjl.im/2011/07/toggling-vimperator-statusline.html

"javascript to hide statusbar
noremap <silent> <F8> :js toggle_bottombar()<CR>
noremap : :js toggle_bottombar('on')<CR>:
noremap o :js toggle_bottombar('on')<CR>o
noremap O :js toggle_bottombar('on')<CR>O
noremap t :js toggle_bottombar('on')<CR>t
noremap T :js toggle_bottombar('on')<CR>t
noremap / :js toggle_bottombar('on')<CR>/
cnoremap <CR> <CR>:js toggle_bottombar('off')<CR>
cnoremap <Esc> <Esc>:js toggle_bottombar('off')<CR>

:js << EOF
function toggle_bottombar(p) {
    var bb = document.getElementById('liberator-bottombar');
    if (!bb)
    if (p == 'on'){
        bb.style.height = '';
        bb.style.overflow = '';
    if (p == 'off'){
        bb.style.height = '0px';
        bb.style.overflow = 'hidden';
    bb.style.height = (bb.style.height == '') ? '0px' : '';
    bb.style.overflow = (bb.style.height == '') ? '' : 'hidden';
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