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My spec are:

  • 4Gb RAM
  • GTX560 Ti
  • Dual Core Intel 2.8 Ghz processor

UDK takes like 15 minutes to start up when mobile features are on. While launching it stays for 99% of the time on the line Compiling shaders for material MOBEMU Lit/Unlit and all possibilities to render it.

So how to get away from this?
Why is it taking so long? Thanks in advance!

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in regards to the "thanks anyways" below...have you done a google search on UDK MOBEMU yet? –  Phlume Jan 11 at 20:49
I've done it and found how to manually disable Mob emulation but If I want to actually use it how am I supposed to do that with those load times? –  Aras Team Jan 12 at 9:08
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A quick google serach for MOBEMU revealed: http://www.3dbuzz.com/forum/threads/193948-QUESTION-Disabling-MOBEMU-at-Startup

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I've asked why and what is it. That post gave a fix but that's not all. Thanks anyway! –  Aras Team Jan 11 at 10:05
Why and what: shaders have to be compiled for each platform. Compiled shaders are stored in a cache. UDK ships with shaders compiled for most platforms (stored in the UDKGame\Content\RefShaderCache-* files). Apparently, compiled mobile shaders aren't included, so when you turn on mobile emulation you have to compile them yourself. To save the compiled results, open the editor. After the shaders finish compiling, close the editor. It'll ask you to save a MobileShaders file. Do that, and you should be good to go. –  Phillip Jan 15 at 2:35
First proper comment that actually explaned and gave a solution! Appreciate your support on this matter! Thank you. –  Aras Team Jan 15 at 15:41
You're quite welcome. If you could mark my answer as "correct", I'd appreciate it! Thanks! –  Phillip Jan 16 at 20:04
Yes, sure! Maybe you know how does the shaders actually change? What's the difference between the mobile platform and PC? (just wondering) –  Aras Team Jan 17 at 15:27
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