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I've just joined a project, and I'm new to travis-ci. I'd rather not have to push every little change to .travis.yml and every little change I make to the source in order to run the build. With jenkins you can download jenkins and run locally. Does travis offer something like this?

Note: I've seen the travis-ci cli and downloaded it, but all it seems to do is call their API, which then connects to my github repo, so if I don't push, it won't matter that I restart the last build.

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You should be able to run the tests locally without having to run Travis CI. Check out the "script" section of the .travis.yml to see what command to run. –  Konstantin Haase Feb 6 at 14:08
But merely running the tests is not the problem — often a Travis build fails because of setup and install steps in the install: section, and it is probably these that the question is more concerned about. –  Brandon Rhodes May 19 at 3:06

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Check out this article in issue #6 of objc.io on "Travis CI for iOS"


It covers everything you need to get started along with running travis locally. See the section entitled 'Troubleshooting Travis' at the end, for local TravisCI setup but I'd advise reading through the entire article.

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very cool! I am no longer on the project that uses travis, but I will give this a try! –  Sam Hammamy Jul 9 at 7:40
This articles does not discuss how to run the travis file locally –  Full Decent Jul 24 at 14:11
@FullDecent the section entitled 'Troubleshooting Travis' provides instructions for setting up and running a local Travis environment. –  imnk Aug 12 at 9:48
It explains how to run the jobs locally as Travis would, but not actually setting up the Travis installation. –  Eirik Hoem Aug 25 at 6:23

I think the only one way would be to clone and run this repo: https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-ci

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It's not. The application has been split into multiple parts, but travis-ci/travis-ci is kept there for other reasons. Eventually, it will go away. github.com/travis-ci/travis-ci/issues/1841 –  banzaiman Feb 6 at 14:15

you can try https://github.com/jolicode/JoliCi

it use docker to try to be a local replacement for travis-ci. it should support php, nodejs & ruby. if there is something missing you can file a bug on the project page

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According to the Travis documentation: https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-ci there is a concoction of projects that collude to deliver the Travis CI web service we know and love. The following subset of project appears to allow local make test functionality using the .travis.yml in your project:


travis-build creates the build script for each job. It takes the configuration from the .travis.yml file and creates a bash script that is then run in the build environment by travis-worker.


travis-cookbooks holds the Chef cookbooks that are used to provision the build environments.


travis-worker is responsible for running the build scripts in a clean environment. It streams the log output to travis-logs and pushes state updates (build starting/finishing) to travis-hub.

(The other subprojects are responsible for communicating with GitHub, their web interface, email, and their API.)

I believe a project to use just those three components and perform local builds would be great and comment if you'd like to work on that with me. Of course, beyond the scope of this answer for now.

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