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I have a form and each of its elements have their own custom rules working just fine, but I have a situation that the form can't be submmited without providing values for at least one of its elements.

I think this is a rule for the whole form and not for one specific element. I wrote a method that receives all the IDs of the form elements and checkes if they have values and attach it to a element of the form that is not passed as argument to this method, but I didn't think this is the best way to do it.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: As requested here's the method:

$.validator.addMethod("atLeastOne", function(value, element, params) {
    if (!value) return false;
    $.each(params, function(i, param) {
        if (!$(param).val()) return false;

And in my form:

    rules: {
        field1: { atLeastOne: ["#field2","#field3","#field4","#field5","#field6"] }
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we need to see some code to help you –  Gert B. Jan 10 at 20:24
@GertB. code provided! –  Philippe Gioseffi Jan 10 at 20:31
Yes, that question is solving the same problem. Sorry! –  Philippe Gioseffi Jan 13 at 16:10
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As far as attaching a rule to the form element using this plugin, that is impossible.

As far as making one field required out of a group of fields, use the require_from_group method contained in the additional-methods.js file.

    rules: {
        field1: {
            require_from_group: [1, '.myGroupClass']
        field2: {
            require_from_group: [1, '.myGroupClass']
        field3: {
            require_from_group: [1, '.myGroupClass']

The first parameter is how many fields from the group are required. The second parameter does not have to be a class, but it needs to be a valid jQuery selector that targets only the fields in your group.

NOTE: You must use version 1.11.1 of both the plugin and the additional-methods.js file where the require_from_group bug was finally fixed.

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Actually, this did not work, I'll try to use the bugfix listed in github.com/jzaefferer/jquery-validation/issues/412. Are there any chances that this is not working because my fields already have other rules attached to them? –  Philippe Gioseffi Jan 13 at 16:24
@Philippe, You must use version 1.11.1 of both the plugin and the additional-methods.js file where the bug was finally fixed. –  Sparky Jan 13 at 16:28
Now it is working! The problem with yor answer is that you wrote "required_from_group", but the correct name of the method is "require_from_group", with no "d". Thanks again for your time and help! –  Philippe Gioseffi Jan 13 at 16:28
@Philippe, sorry about that. That's what happens when I rush. Fixed. –  Sparky Jan 13 at 16:29
No problem at all. Let me ask you one more question: you suggested // for your custom message jQuery.extend(jQuery.validator.messages, { require_from_group: jQuery.format("'Please enter either username/ email address to recover password'/Please fill out at least {0} of these fields.") }); in your answer in stackoverflow.com/questions/15136943/…, isn't this making this answer as default for all the pages that uses this method? –  Philippe Gioseffi Jan 13 at 16:32
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