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I have an sql query to get information from three different tables as following:

select users.username,, users.avatar, users.daily_tahmin, users.alert, f1.comments_no, f2.tahmins_no, f3.monthly_tahmins_no from users LEFT join 
(SELECT count(comments) AS comments_no, user_id
 FROM comments
  Where user_id = 12
) AS f1  on = f1.user_id  left join 
  SELECT count(tahmin) AS tahmins_no, user_id
  FROM tahminler
  Where user_id = 12
) AS f2 on = f2.user_id left join
  SELECT count(tahmin) AS monthly_tahmins_no, user_id, matches_of_comments.match_id
  FROM tahminler
    INNER JOIN matches_of_comments on tahminler.match_id = matches_of_comments.match_id
  Where user_id = 12 AND (MONTH( STR_TO_DATE( matches_of_comments.match_date,  '%d.%m.%Y' ) ) =  '01' AND YEAR( STR_TO_DATE( matches_of_comments.match_date,  '%d.%m.%Y' ) ) =  '2014') 
) AS f3 on = f3.user_id
where = 12

and it gives the following result :

|  username  | id |     avatar     | daily_tahmin | alert | comments_no | tahmins_no | monthly_tahmins_no |
| cold heart | 12 | 1389002263.jpg |            0 |     0 |          65 |        258 |                 10 |

The previous code was not optimized after i do some EXPLIAN and I tried to optimized it and I got the following query:

SELECT m.*,count(
FROM comments
(SELECT users.username,, users.avatar, users.daily_tahmin, users.alert
FROM users
WHERE id=12)as m ON = comments.user_id

My problem is that I can not get (tahmins_no,monthly_tahmins_no) every time i add them to the query it gives wrong result I can not find a way to add them correctly to the query to be in optimized way?? can I have any advice from anybody here?

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Your simplified query is:

select m.*, count(
from comments c join
     users m
     on = c.user_id
where = 12
group by;

You should be able to add in the monthly number:

select m.*, count(, f3.*
from comments c join
     users m
     on = c.user_id join
     (select count(tahmin) AS monthly_tahmins_no, user_id, moc.match_id
      from tahminler t join
           matches_of_comments moc
           on t.match_id = moc.match_id
      Where user_id = 12 AND 
            MONTH( STR_TO_DATE( moc.match_date,  '%d.%m.%Y' ) ) = 1 AND
            YEAR( STR_TO_DATE( moc.match_date,  '%d.%m.%Y' ) ) =  2014
     ) f3
     on f3.user_id =
where = 12
group by;

The month() and year() function return numbers, not strings. I don't understand why the field match_date would be stored as a string -- seems like a silly choice for a column whose name contains date.

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it is working but the tahmins_no not added (i mean the whole tahmin_no not just the monthly) – Basel Jan 10 '14 at 22:01
You have to calculate that in a another subquery and add it into the query. – Gordon Linoff Jan 10 '14 at 22:04

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