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I need to implement a transformation from geographic coordinates with hight data to a image.

Like described in

I simply don't know how to create the suitable y-value...

For example:

   double longitude   = -180; // (λ)   
   double latitude    =  80;  // (φ)   
   int mapHeight   = 360;   
   int mapWidth    = 720;   
   x = (int)((longitude+180.0)*(mapWidth/360.0)); 

How do i use the results of


Thank you!

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You can not represent the poles using a cylindrical projection. So you need to set a maximum latitude and store it (say double maxlat=3.1415/2.0). To get y, first, test if the point is not to close to the poles, then compute :

  y=(int)(mapHeight/2+mapHeight/2*Math.tan(Math.toRadians(latitude)) /Math.tan(Math.toRadians(maxlat))) ;

If you are looking for a beautiful map, consider using the Mercator projection :

 y=(int)(mapHeight/2+mapHeight/2*Math.log(Math.tan(Math.toRadians(latitude)/2.0+M_PI/4.0)) /Math.log(Math.tan(Math.toRadians(maxlat)/2.0+M_PI/4.0))) ;

Store Math.tan(Math.toRadians(maxlat)) or math.log(Math.tan(Math.toRadians(maxlat)/2.0+M_PI/4.0)) if you need to compute many points

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Thank you very very much for your quick and helpful answer! /Math.tan(Math.toRadians(maxlat)) was my missing part. I know that Mercator is a way better map projection than the standart cylindrical and i already have an implementation of it (i had to implement 3 diffent projections). – user3183556 Jan 10 '14 at 22:38

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