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Have a page that contains number of images, essentially an image gallery. The gallery page maybe updated to include new or remove existing image entries. An entry for an image is created using the following function, the first time the function is called, it completes sucessfully, subsequent calls, to handle an updated model, fail with the exception 'Uncaught Error: Invariant Violation'. Whats causing this?

render: function () {
  var imageEntries = this.props.map(function (entry) {
    var divStyle = {
      backgroundImage: 'url(' + entry.preview + ')',
    return React.DOM.div({key: entry.key, className: 'image-stream-entry'},
      React.DOM.div({className: 'image', style: divStyle}),

  return (
   React.DOM.div(null, imageEntries)
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If you use the unminified build of React you'll get useful error messages. –  Ben Alpert Jan 10 at 23:16
What does imageMetadata do? –  ssorallen Jan 11 at 23:26
You may need to check isMounted before calling setState if you're doing an async update as the instance of the component may no longer be mounted by the time the request completes. see facebook.github.io/react/docs/component-api.html#ismounted –  Tom Feb 21 at 11:19
On this line: var imageEntries = this.props.map(function (entry) { I think you're missing the actual prop. It should be something like: var imageEntries = this.props.entries.map(function (entry) {. map being javascript's map function. I had a similar error because of a syntax error. –  pyrho Mar 2 at 18:36

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