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I need to hit an api using "require" npm in node. The api requires raw put data (not put fields). How do I do this using request npm?

example raw put data I need to send:

var body = {
   "id": 123,
   "squares": [
           square_id: 345,
           color: "#ccc"
           square_id: 777,
           color: "#fff"

I'm trying this but it's not working:

            method: "PUT",
            uri: UPDATE_GAME,
            multipart: [{
                'content-type': 'application/json',
                body: JSON.stringify(body)
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body is a JavaScript object. You are claiming to be sending JSON.

Pass it through JSON.stringify().

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Right, I made a mistake when munging the code to post it here. It does stringify the json. Fixed the original post... –  malukisses Jan 14 at 18:29

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