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I want a jQuery modal box that appears near or next to the button that triggers it. The box should appear in shape as well as in the following:

clicking modal like a boss

It should be height resizeable, so if the content is long, the box will refit.

How can I do this?

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If a quick google didn't turn anything up I say write it yourself, jQuery makes it easy and you'll learn tons. –  rfunduk Jan 20 '10 at 23:16

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The qTip jQuery plugin is pretty good.


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I'm not sure if there is one exactly how you want but here is a list of a few that you may be able to modify slightly.


This one in particular seems good


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I don't think there's anything quite like what you're looking for out of the box. However, with a little customization and tweaking, you might be able to get pretty close to your goal.

To use a jQuery modal, simply design your modal div somewhere on your page (I usually do it at the very bottom) and give it an initial sytle of "display: none":

<div id="promotion_dialog" title="Choose a piece for promotion:" style="display: none;">
    <table id="my_table"> .... </table>

If you design the div correctly, you might be able to create the shape you're looking for.

Then when the button is clicked, call a Javascript function that displays and positions the div:

function openPromotionDialog() {
    $("#promotion_dialog").dialog({width: 350, height: 100, modal: true, zIndex: 10000});

See the jQuery UI Dialog docs for more information. Providing a position parameter to the dialog() method should allow you to place it where you want (you'd need to examine the clicked button to get the positions).

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